Sabtu, 09 Februari 2008

the Last 3 Years

- Love will find the way...
- Buatlah untuk kembali tersenyum..kembalikan lagi semuanya...
- Move on! Don't let real love pass You by..
- You saw me when I was Invisible and it doesn't meant anything!
Hope Everything is gonna be allright!!!
-Thanks for acting like you care..
- When we leave this year..
- We won't be coming back..cause we have a different track..
- Please..don't let Your memory Of me Dissapear...
- Thank you Guys!! For giving me the best 3 years I ever have!!! I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
- Thank You for someone Out there..You know..You are the best once. Once time you had broke all of my heart and thank you much for my happy ending. I always Hope the Best 4 you..

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