Minggu, 06 Juni 2010

Indonesian beach..this is why we love Indonesia

from the top of this article..some of people who's been there called this beach as a most romantic beach in Indonesia. terletak di kepulauan Maluku, Maluku Tengah. i know why all this people called this place as a most romantic beach. the picture told me everything. the white sands, the blue ocean. the blue sky, okey, enough. maybe someday i would be at that place. aminn..
and the second picture..i think this place is a most beautiful place in this world. the island. the water. the sands. sooo beatiful and amazing and magic. must be there. the place is on top of my list to do in holiday!!
oh God i forgot something. i didn't tell the name of both that place. the first picture was Liang Beach at the Middle of Maluku Island and the second picture was Raja Ampat at Irian Jaya. this is why we,us,me love Indonesia soo much.

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