Jumat, 18 Maret 2011


some of our life needs to look another art,colour,image,when we walk down on the street, we saw the wall beside us, and in there we could see a someones art, and somehow our eyes was brighten and these art could make our lives different and full of colour. imagine if there's no colours, no photographs, no images, there's no fonts, no words, we couldn't called this world as our place to live. 
it's hard to get an idealism when we choose to take a step being an artist. there's no rules in there. but we're living in the circle of rules.  as an artist we had to break all the rules. and it's hard. just like what we saw at my images. some of cities or countries made a rule, their wall on their street can't be painted, but some of cities or countries likes these job and get an artist to painted all their walls on their streets. it's fun right? and entertaining, absolutely. 
so paint your wall and bright your life :)

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