Selasa, 12 Juli 2011

at office going nowhere

so this morning i didn't know what i have to do. and the song from Pink as a backsound for this boring morning, 
(my friend playing that song on her playlist), 
'You Make Me Sick' just completed my morning with smile and Jacob's biscuit. 

my workplan for august is designing a decoration for christmas. 
i'm a moslem, but i loved christmas. so much! oke..not that addicted but just love it. 
and i'm begin to browsing all that stuff for my workplan. 

soo that's cute doll!! 

and searching for another blogger. i found the new blog 

hey what about Javarockinland next week?!?! 
so i give this video just for all 'ZOMBIE' in this town. and 'ANIMAL' too..

i loved Dolores on 'animal instinct' she looked like bohemian girl, 
with the blonde hair and the flower around her head. and the white dress, so cute. 

can't wait for the concerto. what i wearing? coming soon guys :)

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i'm a Christian and i'm in love with the atmosphere of Ramadhan <3